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Karolin Schwab


*1987, born in Stralsund, Germany

lives and works between Berlin, London and the Sea

Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, London, UK


2014-2016 Universität der Künste Berlin,  MA Fine Art – Distinction master student of Prof. Ai Weiwei

2011-2013, University of East London, BA Fine Art – Distinction 

Artist statement

Using site specific installation and sculpture Karolin Schwab explores different ideas of how we perceive a landscape as well as the space and the relationship between the viewer and their ever-changing environment. Her works embrace the gentle processes and movement in everything, while also seeking to find a moment of stillness.

The minimalistic shapes and lines that she deliberately puts into a certain context form a kind of framework or bridge, that create a moment that allows for a connection between man and nature, between inner and outer landscape. With regards to the reoccurring circles in a lot of the installations one could also speak of lenses or magnifying glasses that make the viewer look far out in order to find a part of their inner self. Looking, noticing, sensing becomes the subject and so the subject becomes the person and his behavior.

The relationship of humans to nature is an important expression of culture and in many ways synonymous with the relationship to the ‚sacred/universal’. This can be traced back to beginning of mankind and still remains a very relevant topic especially in our digital age, where we have to ask questions about what it is that makes us human?

Wether working outdoors or indoors she aims to sensitive the viewer to what is happing around them in terms of light, wind, material, space, change of color or of perspective and that it is their story that completes the piece. The underlying narrative of the work is one that is talking about change and it is changing with every new environment and every person, that encounters it.


Stockamp Tsai Collection

Museum Katharinenhof Kranenburg

Laoshan Museum of Art, Qingdao

several private collections

Awards and Residencies


Grizdale Residency Award, Royal Society of Sculptors & Grizedale Sculpture Forest

Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, Finalist

Malt AIR, Sholarship and Artist Residency

Gilbert Bayes Award, Royal Society of Sculptors, London, UK


Finalist for the Nachwuchskunstpreis für Bildende Kunst in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Scholarship & Artist Residency, Virginia Creative Center for Arts, VA, USA

Scholarship & Artist Residency, Alps Art Academy, Safiental, Switzerland


Artist Residency of Chinese-German Cultural Exchange (CGCE), Peking/Qingdao, China

Artist in Residence at UEL Fine Art Space, London


Atina Artist Residency, Italy


Directional Forces Artist Residency, ARToll, Kleve, Germany


London Photo Festival, Best in Show

Shows (selected)

Solo shows


AWAITING TITLE, AVA Gallery University of East London, UK


YOUR HORIZON IS MY HORIZON, Galerie Burster, Berlin

Barking Learning Center, London

University of East London Fine Art Space, London

SQUARE-SCAPE-SPACE, Polly Faber Kunstverein, Greifswald, Germany

Group shows


Sonne oder Mond Part I – Schleswig Holstein Haus, Schwerin

Sonne oder Mond Part II – LEERSTELLE, Ribnitz-Damgarten

Sonne oder Mond Part III – Church of St. Jakobi, Stralsund

DUO-SHOW with Melanie Balsam-Parasole, Galerie Schmidt&Schütte, Cologne

Das Schöne Zimmer, Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin


small things – good things, Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin

ARTISTS IN DIALOGUE, Laoshan Museum of Art, Qingdao, China

WERKSCHAU 55, HB55 Kunstfabrik, Berlin

KUNST.ORT.KINO -eine Ausstellung des Erfurter Kunstvereins, Kunsthalle Erfurt

HYDROHIL, Galerie Schmidt & Schütte, Cologne

VENTURES, Open Walls Gallery, Berlin


ON VIEW, Galerie Burster, Berlin

YOUR SQUARE IS MY CIRCLE | YOUR CIRCLE IS MY SQUARE , Duo-Show with Melanie Balsam-Parasole, Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg

WHAT IS A REFUGEE?, Exhibition of Class Ai Weiwei, University of Arts, Berlin


Rundgang ’15, University of Arts, Berlin

ZIG-ZAK, Galerie Jordan Seydoux, Berlin, curated by Gina Burdass

Atina Artist Residency, Italy

234 Miles East, Projektraum ‘Rauer 20’, Bremen, Germany


ARTFETCH OFFLINE: New Art in Berlin, GSL Projects, Berlin, Germany

Atina 2014 Artist Residency, Atina, Italy

Sant’Ambrogio Exhibition, Italy


DIRECTIONAL FORCES 2014, Artist Residency, ARToll Kunstlabor , Kleve Germany

CHINESE OPEN, Q-Park Chinatown, London, curated by Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie


Big Deal no. 5, Q-Park Oxford Street, London, curated by Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie

Float Art, Dixie Queen, London

Free Range, Truman Brewery, London

Horse Meat, Cock’n’ Bull Gallery, London , curated by Alexis Harding

The Other Art Fair, London -shortlisted-

To Each Their Own, RichMix, London


Seek&Hide, Studio Sienko Gallery, London, UK

Cabinet Exhibition, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK

Reverb, Mile End Art Pavilion, London, UK


London Photo Festival, The Crypt, Borough London- winner “Best in Show”

Light-Art-Church, Church of St. Mary, Greifswald, Germany

INSOMNALE ’11, Greifswald, Germany


AKT -Tourist III, Caspar David Friedrich Institute, Greifswald, Germany

Portrait- artistic approaches, House of Fallada, Greifswald, Germany

INSOMNALE ‘10, Greifswald, Germany

7- a magic number, St. Spiritus Gallery, Greifswald,